Basic Rules

International rules of floorball can be found from homepage of International Floorball Federation

Here are few simple basic rules to make the game comfortable and safe.

Floorball is a non-contact sport.

High stick
Keep the blade of your stick always below your waist.

Hitting, lifting and holding your opponents stick
Doing this will give the opposing team a free hit

When reaching for the ball, keep at least one foot on a ground.

This is not soccer, do not use your head (or hands) to reach the ball.

Try to use your skills, not force. To get the ball be careful not to injure anyone by slashing with your stick

Let’s behave and remember to have fun!


Referee Signs

Continue playing
Just play on if referee shows this. Example: If your goal wasn’t really a goal and no faults were conducted even if someone is loudly protesting.

Face off
When both sides are innocent. Example: When the game starts again after the rink boards has fallen, game had to be stopped while fixing them.

Free Hit
If you breake the rules your opponents get a free hit from the place the referee is pointing to.

You have the ball anyway and you’re in good position, so there’s no reason to stop the game and give you a free hit, though someone did break the rules.

Penalty Minutes
Count the referees fingers to find out how many minutes you have to calm down on a bench while your team mates has to play with one man less on a field.


Some information taken from Glebe FBC’s website.